Bath Bombs and Apple Stores

So, I’m not one who takes many baths and I’m actually kind of scared of baths (really irrationally, I mean I just think of sharks and other sea creatures that frighten me a bit.) But for a while I’ve been wanting to go into Lush and buy some Bath Bombs because I’ve seen a few youtubers use them and they just seemed so cool. So I went into Lush today and it was so cool. I was greeted by some really friendly employees and I guess someone who looks like me has gone there before (earlier today, even.) because one of them told me that she thought she saw me go in, but I told her that was my very first time. She then proceeded to show me all of the Bath Bombs and I was just smelling all of them and they smelled so good. I don’t think there was one I didn’t like, I mean, there were a few I probably wouldn’t buy, but they still smelled pretty darn good. So I got three Bath Bombs (Sakura, Tisty Tosty, and Granny Takes A Dip.) and a bubble-bar (Green Bubbleroon, though I think online it’s just called Green.) She showed me how they worked and then I looked around a bit, it’s a pretty cool place. Then when I went to pay I asked I I could wash my hands because I had been touching all of the things and they left like a bit of residue. So I go to wash my hands and they show me their array of soaps and I kind of just grabbed the very first one (probably should’ve just smelled all of them. hehehe.) and omg, it left my hands feeling so soft. My hands usually get rather oily pretty quick and even now they feel soft and not oily. So that was cool, I wonder how my whole body will feel after a bath. Also, having them in my room makes my whole room smell like a Bath Bomb and it;s great. Before going into Lush I went to the Apple Store and saw the iPhone 6 and it was pretty cool. It felt really comfortable in my hands, unlike the 5. I kind of want the 6 Plus though. I thought it was gonna be huge, but it’s not. It doesn’t even look that huge. Or I don’t know, I’ve always kind of wanted a big phone. But yeah, today was pretty cool. :D